Kyle Knapp
Kyle Knapp

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I was in Law Enforcement for several years starting as a Deputy Sheriff. This was followed by three years as a prosecutor. While serving as a Prosecutor, I was able to gain valuable trial experience in a short period of time. The transition from Deputy Sheriff to prosecutor provided great insight into the legal system from different perspectives. This unique experience continues to benefit my knowledge of the legal system to this day.

This breadth of experience lead to the opportunity to serve as a Municipal Court Judge for more than a decade. Sitting as a Judge provided the opportunity to view the Criminal Justice System from a position that deals with Defense Attorneys, Prosecutors, and Defendants. As a Judge, I was in a position to hear arguments from all perspectives.

All of these experiences were applied to the creation of the Knapp Law Office. We are prepared to guide you through the Criminal Justice System which can often be confusing and difficult to understand. We have represented clients through all levels of the Criminal Justice System, from fine only offenses such as Speeding to First Degree Felonies, such as Aggravated Assault With a Deadly Weapon, with penalties up to life in prison.

Practice Areas:

  • Traffic Law
  • Criminal Law