You’ll find custom solutions to overcoming traffic violations and criminal charges with our experienced and certified attorney’s help. Don’t just take our word for it. Learn more about our trusted law office through the stories of our past clients.

Amazing Job and his staff is Absolutely Wonderful

“I had a DWI a few years back that Mr. Knapp handled for me. He did an amazing job and his staff is absolutely wonderful! I was kept up on any changes in my case and was notified as soon as court dates came in with a phone call and a follow up letter. They even called me the day before court to give me a reminder call every time I needed to appear. Mr. Knapp was very polite and understanding of my situation. With most attorneys they can make you feel stupid for not knowing the law or only in it for the money. Mr. Knapp and his staff treated me fairly and like I was a person, never making me feel like I had done something awful but that I made a mistake and needed help correcting it. Because of how wonderful I was treated with my case, I referred all my friends and even my husband when he received his traffic citations. If you are looking for an attorney that cares about his clients and will go above and beyond for you, Mr. Knapp and his staff are the ones you want to use! I highly recommend them!”

– Verified Client

Definitely the kind of people you want on your side

“I have been a patron of The Knapp Law office for a very long time. They helped me with my DWI several years ago. If it wasn’t for their guidance and hard work through that process, things could have been a lot worse for me. They continué to be my savior through all my legal struggles. The entire staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely the kind of people you want on your side!”

– John U

Couldn’t be happier

“It started with a DUI back in 2015. They helped me out big then, they’ve been helping me out big every step of the way since then. Now, 5 years later, I’m back again to get all of this stuff put behind me, and I couldn’t be happier with how Just and the folks at Knapp Law Offices have taken care of me. Thanks!”

– Verified Client

Handle CDL cases

Knapp Law Office has been helping us with all of our CDL violations since 2006. They have always been able to get them reduced or dismissed. Personnel are kind and helpful.”

– Dirt Trucking Co., Inc

“When you’re out on the road trying to make a living in these economic times, it’s good to have attorney Kyle Knapp on your side to help resolve those traffic citations that can eat up all your profits. If you find yourself in a similar situation, Knapp Law Office, is the best place to turn. They are tough and will resolve your legal issues fast without those extravagant fees you might find at other law offices. For the best defense available, at a price you can afford, call attorney Kyle Knapp at Knapp Law Office.”

– Raymond Headley, client since 2005

“The Knapp Law Office has been taking care of our legal needs for several years. They are a pleasure to work with because they handle everything in a timely and efficient manner.”

-PavePro Team-

Get traffic law services

“I have been a client of Knapp Law Office since 2007. I bring all my traffic tickets to Mr. Knapp and send all my friends and relatives to him too.  I don’t have time to deal with the lengthy line at the court or take a day off to go to court. And who can afford the high fines and court costs to keep a violation off your driving record? The Knapp Law Office has a friendly staff who knows what they are doing, and Mr. Knapp gets excellent offers for me from the court. Then the staff continues to assist me with the paperwork and the court until the end of the case. I would highly recommend them to anyone I know.”

– Very Happy Client

“Not only are Mr. Knapp and his staff courteous, friendly, and professional, but they are also efficient and effective. Immediately upon entering the office, you know you can leave your worry behind. Don’t go to court alone and try to teach Babe Ruth how to bat. Let Mr. Knapp and his staff do it for you! He and his staff have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to handle all of your court matters.”

– Heidi Riddles

They know their stuff…

Knapp Law Office has represented me now for well over a decade. I have had difficulties with my vehicle speed over the years and needless to say, I have brought them many tickets. What I love about Knapp is that when I drop off a ticket with Judy I know that it will be taken care of. I leave it and forget it until they call me with instructions. They are knowledgeable about the process no matter what town your ticket is in. They know their stuff and always take care of business. I don’t know what I would have done without them. ”

-Jason Hicks

Genuinely sympathetic

“For 7 years Knapp Law Office has been helping me with tickets. They have done much more than making the process simple and painless. They have gotten me deals that I would never have gotten otherwise, been caring and genuinely sympathetic, and helpful in every way they possibly could. They have become my friends and I can’t imagine how I would have gotten through some of those years without them. ”

Sincerely, Megan Howe

Customer Service a WOW!

5.0 stars

Judy has handled this traffic violation as professionally as anything I have ever experienced. Very impressed. I told her I would hire her but she said her husband (Kyle) wouldn’t like it :).


April 11, 2017


Mr. Knapp and his team are second to none.

5.0 stars Kyle and Judy Knapp took my case and saw it through to the end. They were able to move the case out of a lower court and into a higher Denton County court which gave me more options and time for them to negotiate my traffic offense. Even after having a no insurance charge dismissed (Big Deal) and pleading to the speeding ticket down to fine paid and off my record, Judy and her team helped me to resolve a clerical problem in the originating county’s office which generated a warrant. No fault of mine or Knapp’s.


March 9, 2017

Professional Considerate Service!

4.0 stars

I would recommend Mr. Knapp and his staff to anyone looking for an attorney. His staff was very helpful in communicating with us in what our options were and did not even have to appear in court.


March 31, 2017

Wonderful Team

5.0 stars

Everyone who helped me was so nice and professional. They kept me updated every step of the way with what was happening with my case. They always called and gave reminders about upcoming payments or court dates. I would highly recommend this law office to anyone who needs a lawyer for a driving ticket.


April 5, 2017

Great Experience with a Great Attorney’s Office

5.0 stars

Great experience with this law office. I had several tickets I was trying to deal with and this office did a great job handling my situation in a friendly, professional and timely manner. They also were able to reach a fair resolution for my case. My last dealing with a law office to handle tickets left me wary about trying it again, however, after my experience with Knapp Law Office, I can say for certain they will be my go-to guys if I am ever in legal trouble again in the area. I also liked that their office staff took the initiative to initiate follow up communication with me regarding the status of my case. Would recommend.


February 17, 2017


5.0 stars

Mr. Knapp and the staff are always so friendly and really make me feel better about my legal cases. With a drug possession charge, I was not sure about the future. Kyle has represented me better than I feel most people could. Every time I speak to him or the staff I feel reassured and relieved that all my legal problems are being handled by him- I feel like he is tough and definitely knows what he is doing. I would recommend him to anyone needing legal help.


August 3, 2016

Highly Recommended

5.0 stars

Knapp got me a great deal, lowered my fees, and nothing went on my record. Judie is the sweetest lady to work with. Always very helpful, and genuinely caring every time we spoke. They will jump through every hoop for their clients and for the best price you’ll find in Denton. Highly recommended!!!


February 27, 2017

Thanks for keeping it off my record!

5.0 stars

I shouldn’t have gotten the ticket anyway, but Little Elm is a horrible place to get a ticket! He was able to get deferred adjudication for a speeding ticket in a construction zone and I’m so thankful! Even the fine was reduced! Even though it was not dismissed as it would have been anywhere else except Little Elm, he was still able to keep it to a minimum and off my record which is a feat considering the town! Thank you!


June 14, 2016

Extremely Helpful.

5.0 stars

I found myself in a legal jam. I got a couple of tickets that I forgot to pay. Next thing I know, I have two warrants out for my arrest. Mr. Knapp helped me take care of both warrants and reduced my overall fine by a significant amount. His office staff were easy to contact and kept me informed of every step of the way. The best part is I didn’t even have to take any time out of my work schedule to handle this. Besides my initial visit, Mr. Knapp took care of the rest.


June 22, 2016

Awesome Lawyers!

5.0 stars

Mr. Knapp and his office have been very helpful. They have gone to court and represented mine and my husband’s cases. They call us with all the details needed and answer all our questions. We would definitely recommend him.


June 22, 2016

To Kyle Knapp

5.0 stars

Mr. Knapp has been very patient and kind with us with all of our family issues. We have had a stroke of bad luck that he has helped us get through.

His office staff has always been very friendly and has helped us many times with our numerous calls with questions that we have been worried about and needed guidance on.

Mr. Knapp has been very thorough in handling our cases and getting us the best option with the courts that we could. We are very appreciative of that.


Kathy and Tom

June 11, 2016

Great for CDLs

5.0 stars

The best for CDL drivers. I’ve used this guy for the last 5 years. Awesome attorney coming from someone who always seems to find a cop when I’m driving.


June 8, 2016

Superior Service

5.0 stars

Mr. Knapp and his staff can be trusted to handle your case. They are professional, efficient, and friendly. The first time they represented us I knew I was giving my CC to the right attorney! They are a phone call away; let them help you today! You can rest knowing they are on YOUR side!


June 1, 2016

Life Savers

5.0 stars

I can’t express just how amazing the people at Knapp Law Office truly are. My twenties were a convoluted mess that they helped me navigate with kindness, respect and attention to detail. They went above and beyond many times to give me more time to pay fines and to reduce consequences. Talking to them always brightened my day.


June 1, 2016

Rock Solid Counsel, Positive Outcome, Incredibly Helpful Office Staff…

5.0 stars

I was charged with Class A misdemeanor, though it was an act of self-defense. I contacted Mr. Knapp’s office the next day. Among the few lawyers I had contacted, only Mr. Knapp’s office promptly returned my call and gave me an appointment within a few days. Mr. Knapp was present himself, his advice was rock solid. I liked his style of being assuring and supportive, without promising anything unrealistic. He is very good at painting the reality of the situation, options and possible outcomes, next steps and true chances. He is also a judge and is widely known among the Denton judicial circles, which helps. He accepted my case for a flat fee that covered until (and if) the case goes to trial. He explained that he will try to have the case dismissed even before it goes to trial.

Four months after that day, his office called and let me know that my case is not being filed. During these 4 months, Mr. Knapp’s office touch-based with me regularly, kept me updated of the discussions happening between Mr. Knapp and the ADA, and he also asked for more evidence depending on how his discussions went. He was cautiously optimistic the whole time but stressed the need of providing certain evidences in a timely manner. He even got on the phone with me once – it is easy to set it up with his office. He is very busy, but he gives the required amount of time to his customers.

My special thanks to Judith, Mr. Knapp’s paralegal-in-chief. She is amazing in terms of work ethics, following up, attention to minute details and running a tight ship. I would hire Mr. Knapp again in a heart beat if I need to.

Posted by anonymous

June 19, 2017

5.0 stars

Knapp Law Office has taken on numerous citations for our trucking company and always satisfied with the end results. Everyone in the office has always been polite and respectful.  I really do recommend them if you are a CDL holder and need legal help.

Posted by Julian; June 13, 2018

Top of The Line

5.0 stars

Mr. Knapp did not only meet but exceeded all expectations. His whole staff is very professional and cares deeply for their clients. I cannot thank him enough for the outstanding job done.

They did an excellent job. Stress-free and didn’t have to worry about anything. They were very informative and kept me up to date

Posted by Charles

April 21, 2017

5.0 stars

The Office staff were all extremely knowledgeable and took time to walk you through the court process. Also, they kept us up-to-date as the case wound through the system.  I highly recommend the Knapp Law Office.

Posted by John

November 1, 2017

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